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Brand reputation put above people

We are not always who you think we are. Some of us get seasick, don’t like the taste of fishy fish, and can’t tell our hake from our hoki. .

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A skipper while still a schoolboy

The annals of the fishing industry are sprinkled with stories of youngsters going to sea but not many can claim to hold a commercial skipper’s ticket while still at high school. Matt Howden did…

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Don’t sit back, says young Whangarei skipper

At 32, Sam Hayes has been earning his living from fishing for more than half his life – and going to sea for longer than that.

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Electronic reporting ‘valuable tool’

One of the main areas that will be affecting all fishers in the next 12 months is electronic reporting and I think once the fishermen get past the concerns around the security of their intellectual…

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Curly Brown - a skipper who doesn’t leave you guessing

Curly Brown’s passion for the fishing industry is clear. Get him talking and it’s not long before the old Rolling Stones line comes to mind: “If you start me up I’ll never stop.”

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Federation working hard on future management regime

It has been a busy time for the Federation over the past months as we get our heads around electronic reporting and now, the recently released consultation document Your Fisheries – Your Say.

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